Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Presidential Dog #TeamTrump Tee

My dog Valentino wears the official Trump Presidential Dog Raglan on our wordless Wednesday walks now that the weather is cool. Valentino's message is quite clear as he wears it for all to see and hear ... Get out and VOTE TRUMP to make America great again!

Shop for your great American dog gear at and find Team Trump dog tees for yourself on Amazon.

Valentino wants to know... Are you on the #TeamTrump train?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog Rescue Tale of Beautiful Joe

Reading Beautiful Joe with my dog Valentino
Reading Beautiful Joe with Valentino
My day off work this week was spent in the company of my best friend--my dog Valentino--reading the autobiography of a mongrel dog.

Beautiful Joe is the classic tale of dog rescue as told by the Cur himself through the writing of author Margaret Marshall Sanders in 1893.

My full review will be published here as soon as I read the final chapter of the book, later this week. In the meantime, check out the reviews of Beautiful Joe on Amazon and pick up a copy of this treasure for your reading pleasure. You will not be disappointed.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Heart Worm Free Lucky Dog Day

Me and V of Dog Pawsitive Tidbits
Happy heart news received on this Friday the 13th is proof positive that my Valentino is one lucky dog. And that makes me one of the luckiest dog lovers on the face of this good earth!

For those who do not already know our history, you can read and learn more about my dog Valentino and I through previous articles published here at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits. You will read about how we met shortly after the death of my dog Tidbit and how Valentino waited for me to "find" him, then to foster him, and ultimately for me and V (as I refer to us) to adopt one another one year ago.

As you read of our journey together you will learn that my dog Valentino was heartworm positive when I met him. You will read about my alternative approach to that horrid disease and other dog-related ailments. And today I will disclose how I arrived at my final decision on how to treat my dog for heart worms, as well as the outcome of this choice.

First let me say that I am in no way a dog doctor nor am I advocating that you choose to treat a heartworm positive dog in the same way that I have chosen. I strongly recommend that you do your research and consult with your veterinarian before making any medical decisions for your dogs.

During Valentino's eight-month stay at the shelter from whence he came, his heart worms were treated in a "slow kill" method, meaning he was given a monthly dose of ivermectin. This method of treatment is generally easier on the dog but takes a much longer time to kill off the worms. There is a chance of worms doing more damage to heart and lungs as time goes by during this year or two of medication until all die a natural death.

Preferred treatment for heart worms in dogs by veterinarians is with melarsomine, a medicine containing arsenic, injected into the back muscles of the infected dog under direct medical supervision due to possible complications. The infected dog must remain caged for a month or more during initial treatment with activity kept at a minimum for several months afterwards. If the dog survives this initial treatment but has a severe case of heart worms it may be necessary to repeat the treatment after several months.

In my case, I felt it advantageous to consult with an holistic veterinarian for a more natural solution to heart worms as opposed to what I considered the "poison" treatment most often recommended by veterinarians. Further, I am so grateful that the shelter from which he came chose the method of treatment they did. I continued this treatment until I moved to another state where vets I contacted refused to go along with my decision and would not see my dog!

Thus, I did more research and elected to believe solely in a natural remedy. I followed my gut feeling and acted upon my belief that this would be the right choice for Valentino.

In July of last year I made the decision to treat my dog for heart worms with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) only. Using food grade DE, I added a heaping teaspoon to his evening meal in the beginning, then increased this to his morning feeding also.

Valentino and Ruth So Happy Together and Heart Worm Free
That said, the big news Me and V share with you today sets all Friday the 13th superstitions aside...

My V is now heart worm free!

And that makes us both so happy ...  Together!

Yes, both our hearts have healed from our past and we have hope for a good future as we enjoy the present of each new day together. Our life journey thus far has proven that our God is a gracious god and for that - and all of you who make it so - Me and V give thanks.

The good news we got from our vet today made for a perfect celebration of our dog adoption day! It has been a good year and I look forward to many more with my dog Valentino.

Diatomaceous Earth
I have no way of knowing for sure whether the year of medicinal treatment or the year of treating my dog my way was the cure for the health of my dog. Maybe it was a combination of the two. My gut feeling is that DE and a whole lot of love and prayer was the key for Me and V.

I will say this... No doubt about it, Valentino will continue to have Diatomaceous Earth added to his meals and I will be including a spoonful of it in my daily diet too. Yes! Food grade DE is also good for me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In Good Hands Dog Walking Roommate

It is comforting to know that while I am at work my dog Valentino is in good hands. He may even be out of his crate dog walking the neighborhood without me!

My Roommate and My Dog Valentino
Eric and Vale dog walking along the train tracks.

One evening while working I received this text message around 7:30 p.m. from my roommate Eric: "Everything OK? Want me to let Vale out?" A little while later a picture of Eric and Valentino arrived on my phone.

Of course, I did not see the message and picture until I was off work and on my way home. I work at Bob Evans as a kitchen prep cook. (And yes, I love my job!) Flexible scheduling often has me working different shifts each day. This can be confusing to friends as to when I will be home and/or available by phone.

In this case, Eric thought I worked the 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. day shift and was possibly working much later than planned. Arriving home that evening, Eric was concerned that Vale (as Eric calls Valentino) had been in his crate far too long and needed a walk--so off they went!

When at work my cell phone is locked in my locker. If anyone calls or texts me a message I do not see it until my work day is done.

Every now and then I get a call I wish I had not missed the moment it came through my phone. This was one of those calls. Nonetheless, I smiled when I did see it and still do now, knowing that my dog is in good hands with our roommate Eric when I am not around.

Is your dog in good hands with a roommate, family member, or friend when you are at work?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On the Right Track Naturally

Each day of dog walking through life with my hound dog Valentino proves to be a learning experience for the both of us. My dog and I are now on a stay healthy adventure together.

Stay On Track With Your Dog
My dog Valentino and I are on the right track, naturally!

We are hoping to stay on the right track by eating healthier. Of course, as I add more healthy foods to my own meals I will also adhere to the plan to "Feed Your Best Friend Better" by whipping up more nutritious meals and dog treats for Valentino.

How do you stay on track with your dog for better health?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Take Time to Smell Red Tulip Flowers

My hound dog Valentino takes time to smell the flowers -- no matter the days of the week, no matter the weather.

On this particular dog walking day we were drenched in a cool Spring rain. The bright red tulips reached high for the sun but found none. While the flowers stayed closed up pretty tight, my dog and I chose to continue our walk through the neighborhood -- creating a bit o' sunshine of our own with a tidbit of help from nature.

We customized our rainy day tulips to help us over the Hump of Wednesday...

My Dog Valentino Takes Time to Smell Red Tulip Flowers
My Dog Valentino Takes Time to Smell the Red Tulip Flowers

The same red tulips are available on our blank postcard... 
Take Time to Smell the Red Tulips Postcard
Take Time to Smell the Red Tulips Postcard by dogpawsitivetidbits
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You are welcome to add a text message of your own to customize the Take Time to Smell the Red Tulips Postcard for your recipients!

What would your personalized message on the red tulip postcard be?

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Paws for Serenity on Saturday

My dog Valentino rested his weary dog walking paws for a moment of serenity nearing the end of our dog walking today.

Valentino and I are fortunate to live just a few doors down from artist Robert Warren's Art Loft and Gallery. And yes, we have met the man, seeing and chatting with him often along our way.

PAWS for a moment of SERENITY on SATURDAY
My dog Valentino pauses for a moment of serenity on Saturday

On many of our dog days of the week we rest for a moment on the art loft grounds, taking in the Zen moments held in these serenity rocks. With Warren's guidance, you, too, can paint a picture of serenity. Interact with the artist on Facebook and take a look inside Robert Warren's Guide to Painting Water Scenes on Amazon.

If you (and your dogs) were to pause for a moment of serenity on Saturday, what would your painted picture look like?

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Friday, April 1, 2016

TGIFriday Dog Day of the Week

Friendly Frisky, Fun and TGIFriday
What began as a usual mid-afternoon dog walk around the neighborhood today turned itself into a great way to say, "TGIFriday!"

The day was a beauty with a warm sunny sky and a gentle spring breeze so my dog Valentino and I took full advantage on our walk. As we ended a long walk via the alleyway we saw a friend working on his motorcycle with his dog alongside him. Naturally, Valentino wanted to drag me over to say hello.

Fun dogs Valentino and Penny
Friendly dogs Valentino and PennyWe then invited ourselves into the fenced yard so Valentino could play with Penny off-leash for a bit.
Frisky dogs Penny and Valentino
Valentino had a great time and the two dogs got along just fine -- in the friendly, frisky, and fun way that dogs do.

With today being my first day off after six days from work, my plans were to stay close to home and spend it with my dog Valentino. This dog has spent more than a tidbit of time home alone this week and I am trying to make that easier on him with a lot of extra dog walks, visits to the dog park, and special dog treats.

All in all, it has been a fabulous Friday for both me and Valentino. How did you say TGIFriday?

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Tiptoe Through Tulips

On this rainy Spring morning my dog Valentino found these purple tulip flowers in bloom right around the corner from our home. Like Thursday's Child who is wise and sad as well as merry and glad, Valentino did not have far to go on this dog day of the week to find tulips to remind you to...

Take time to tip-toe through the tulips!

Take Time to Tip-Toe through the Tulips on Thursday
Take time to tip-toe through the tulips on Thursday with my dog Valentino.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dog Walk With the Sun

Dog Valentino with Daffodils
Today was a perfect Spring day for a walk with my dog Valentino. We walked in search of a bit of sunshine and we found it walking along our way.

Daffodils reached up to greet us along our way and seemed to say in their own special way, "Today is a perfect day for a walk with the sun!"

Not a thing rings truer to Spring than the golden bell flowers of Forsythia. These seemed to reach out to Valentino as he walked on by, pausing for a moment for me to capture the sunlight on camera.

Our quotography for the day is now one of our dog pawsitive tidbits available on a picture postcard ... WALK with the SUN!

Create unique personalized photo postcards at

Dog Valentino Sleeping in a Sunbeam
Dog Valentino Sleeping in a Sunbeam

When our walk in the sunshine is done, my dog Valentino, whom I adore, finds himself a sunbeam inside and settles in for an afternoon nap on the floor while I ready myself for an evening at work.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Puppy Day USA

Here in the USA today we celebrate National Puppy Day. My hound dog and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon walking the neighborhood and playing in the yard. Now we are settling in for a restful evening and good night of sleep.

Happy National Puppy Day from Ruthi and Valentino
Happy National Puppy Day from Ruthi and Valentino
(Click the pic for a larger view.)

We trust that all of our dog-loving friends have enjoyed their pups today. And for those of you who have room in your heart and home for another... ADOPT A SHELTER DOG!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Barrel of Fun at the Dog Park

While at the dog park I have a tough time getting my dog to play on the agility equipment provided. My dog is just too distracted by his four-legged friends to focus on anything other than having a barrel of fun.

My dog Valentino crawls through the dog park agility barrel.
My dog Valentino crawls through the agility barrel.
(Click the pic for a larger view.)

With encouragement from a pair of Weimaraners (and their humans) my dog Valentino jumped up into the barrel and crawled on through. But of course, a small chunk of Lebanon bologna was the prize awaiting him at the end of the tunnel.

We three humans agreed ... "Dog People" are the best!

Everyone at the dog park at Walnut Woods is as friendly as their dogs and that makes for a pawsitively perfect place to spend more than a tidbit of our time. There will be other times and other places to run Valentino through some agility training. For now, we are content to enjoy our play time together at the dog park.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Gravy Train Dog Treats

My dog Valentino enjoys watching the train pass by, as seen from right in his own back yard. Perhaps he thinks it is his very own gravy train of dog treats, ha!

My dog Valentino watches his gravy train ride by.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Dogs Rock In A Hard Place

We humans occasionally find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. It is then that our canine companions become our best friends.

I consider myself ever so fortunate to have dogs to walk alongside me on my life journey. Over the years, two of these dogs have truly been my soulmates -- my rocks when I found myself in a hard place.

My dog Tidbit, my rock when I was in a hard place.
My dog Tidbit, my rock when I was in a hard place.

My dog Tidbit was my rock in a hard place for fourteen years. I always considered her the canine of my soul. In her end, she led my way to find my dog Valentino. He, too, has become my soulmate. How lucky I am to be graced by the presence of both of these heart dogs in my life.

My dog Valentino, my rock when I am in a hard place.
My dog Valentino, my rock when I am in a hard place.

Our dog pawsitive tidbit for every day...

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Do you believe in dog soulmates?

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dogs Mark Fire Hydrants

My Dog Valentino with Fire Hydrant
My Dog Valentino with Fire Hydrant
While the main purpose of fire hydrants is access to water for fighting fires in a community, there is an equally important purpose for hydrants for dogs -- a place to pee, or to leave their mark without barking their message.

Like most dogs, my dog Valentino can not resist the urge to stop and sniff when he comes across a fire hydrant during our neighborhood dog walks. After a good sniff of every square inch of the fire hydrant he will generally sniff and stare at the air as if looking for the dogs that went before him.

Dogs and Fire Hydrants
Next, my dog Valentino looks behind and around, seemingly to see if anyone may be watching him. But of course, I know what he will do next and I get my cell phone camera ready to capture the marking moment.

Naturally, once he reads the messages left from previous dog markings, Valentino must lift his hind leg to squirt a message of his own. It is a territorial thing as if to say, "This fire hydrant is now mine!" At least until another dog comes along with a similar message in mind.

My Dog Valentino Marks a Fire Hydrant with his Scent Message
My Dog Valentino Marks a Fire Hydrant with his Scent Message

Every dog should have its own fire hydrant for marking with the dog's scent and message for any other dogs who may come in contact with the hydrant during their walks or wanderings. Here are a few from which your dog may choose to leave its mark upon...


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I even found a DIY Fire Hydrant. Yes, if you are a crafty sort, you can repurpose plastic plumbing pieces to make your dog's very own PVC fire hydrant. What dog would not want a fire hydrant in its own back yard?

Do your dogs mark fire hydrants?