Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pawsitive Wordless Wednesday

Ruthi's Valentino

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Possible Porch Pals

My dog Valentino found a friendly kitty on our front porch.

The little girl next door got in on the fun too, chasing the cat between our houses. The cat stopped for a petting from the young lady and eventually climbed onto her front porch too.

Will this be another unlikely friendship between my dog and a stray cat? Will the young cat swat the old dog on his nose?

In the front porch video above...

What do you think my dog Valentino is saying in all his barking at the cat curled up in a chair on our porch?

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Dog Sitting Days

Front Porch Dogs Valentino and Roxie
My dog Valentino and I have been dog sitting today. 

Valentino, Roxie, and I have walked the neighborhood together, shared meals and treats, and spent time sitting on the front porch too.

These two are dog pals through and through, having spent plenty of time together the past year or so. The dogs play together, getting along just fine, while respecting each other's need for alone time too.

Until today I had not seen Roxie show an interest in Goldenrod. Valentino has long been a fan of munching on the leaves of these golden flowers.

Having done my research, I've learned they have healing properties for dogs just like they do for humans.

Today as Valentino munched on a stalk of Goldenrod hiding amid other foliage, Roxie insisted she wanted some too. He wasn't too sure he wanted to share with her!

Dogs Valentino and Roxie

I am enjoying dog sitting today. Next week I will be dog sitting for a co-worker while he and his family vacations. I will probably have more stories and dog pictures to share.

Sitting with dogs today was the inspiration for a new paw print creation for my Zazzle store. I may use it to document my dog sitting as well as my dreams for a little dog sitting and dog walking business of my own.

For sure I will be inspired to add another journal or two or more to this collection.

Pawprints Dog Sitting Days Notebook
Pawprints Dog Sitting Days Notebook
by dogpawsitivetidbits
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