Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dogs and Christmas Squeaker Toys

My Dog Valentino and Christmas Squeaker Toys
My Dog Valentino and Christmas Squeaker Toy
Dogs enjoy receiving Christmas presents too. My dog Valentino sure enjoyed the gift of a few dog toys and treats this year. One particular package to be opened for Valentino turned out to be great fun on Christmas Day.

As I sat this present down on the floor for my dog, I inadvertently squeaked the squeaker toy taped to the top of the wrapped gift. From that point on Valentino was on alert and approached the gift with canine caution.

Dog Sneaks Up On the Squeaker Toy
Dog Sneaks Up On the Squeaker Toy
Naturally, Valentino's nose got the better of him. He just had to get to that scent coming from inside the packaging!

Valentino sneaked up on the gift ever so cautiously to sniff the scent of the wrapped gift, all the while keeping an eye on the squeaky thing. But of course, for my own entertainment, I had to squeak the Christmas dog toy once again. He grabbed it and ran!

Dog Treats for Christmas

Valentino Enjoys Milk Bone Dog Treats
Valentino Enjoys Milk Bone Dog Treats
Once again, my hound dog was led right back to the package by its scent. It is then that I unwrapped the gift and opened one of two boxes of MILK BONE dog treats. Naturally, Valentino helped himself to one and begged for more.

I thought for sure Valentino would have destroyed that squeaker toy within the hour but my boy surprised me and did not. Instead, entertainment continued as my dog would lay with the toy at his front paws and bark at it! This went on for as long as I could handle the noise.

My Dog Valentino Loves Christmas Presents
Valentino Loves Christmas Presents
Each day we get Valentino's squeaker out of my desk drawer. He gives it a chew until it squeaks, then he proceeds to bark at it all over again until I put it away for another day.

I would really like to know what Valentino is saying in dog talk to that toy! Wouldn't you? For now, I am content to know my boy is enjoying the Christmas gifts bestowed upon him. Me too!

Christmas Squeaker Dog Toys

This was a gift from a church lady friend who has a soft spot for dogs, so when giving me gifts for the holiday she gave a few for Valentino too. Obviously, Christmas squeaker dog toys are great fun for dogs and their human companions alike.

Note: Read more about the gifts my dog and I received from the church ladies of Hope UMC right here at Love Lives In Hope.

Did your dog receive the gift of a squeaker toy for Christmas?

Remember, the Spirit of Christmas lives year-round so here are a few that your dogs will love anytime...


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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dog Mouth Wide Open

My hound dog Valentino rolls around in the grass while I sit in the sunshine nearby. On this romp around, his head lands at my feet and his dog mouth opens wide for me to see inside.

Caption my camera lens view for me...

Enjoy Wordless Wednesday with Blogpaws!
Enjoy Wordless Wednesday with Blogpaws!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hound Looking Good In His Dog Sweater

Valentino looking good in his new dog sweater.
Having moved from the warmth of the south to the cold north, I worried about keeping my hound dog warm in Ohio's winter weather. No need to worry, for he is looking good, as well as quite warm, in his first dog sweater!

Valentino's new winter wear is a gift from our friend and fellow dog lover, Nancy. We are both grateful for her Christmas spirit of giving. I know Valentino would just jump up and give her a big dog hug and kiss full of slobber if he could. Alas, our fashion show with Valentino sporting his Lookin' Good! Classic Cable Dog Sweater will have to do for now.

Valentino was happy to pose, walk, sit, and even sleep in his sweater for Nancy (and my readers) to see how comfortable he is in his new red sweater.

 Click the pictures for a larger view of Valentino in his dog sweater.

I like that this dog sweater is bright red, perfect color for the winter white weather and seasonal holidays. I like that the cable knitting is a bit stretchy but not too much so.

The fit is pretty good, especially in length and cut to allow room for my boy to go to the bathroom without getting pee on his sweater. I would like the design to have been a bit more roomy in the chest area, but it fits well enough and does not constrict my coonhound's movement.

All-in-all, me and my dog Valentino say he is good to go for the first snow of the season.

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Do you dress your dogs for wintry weather?

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunny Window Sleeper Dog Bed

One of my dog Valentino's favorite spots in the house is the front room window which looks out on the front porch and the city street beyond. He enjoys napping there, especially when the sun is shining through the windows on the front of the house. It is also my guess that my hound dog is afraid he might miss something going by so he likes being near the action outside the window to his world.

Right now Valentino sleeps on an old comforter folded up on the floor in front of the window. This is a very special comforter, one which three of my earlier dogs had slept upon, and the first place Valentino felt comfortable sleeping when I first brought him into my home as a foster dog. It will stay in use by Valentino, adding extra padding for his dog crate, where he stays while I am at work (if my roommate is also not at home.)

Whatever the reason my dog prefers this spot to sleep, I think it time he gets an official dog bed upon which to rest his hound dog head.

Colorful Dog PAWSitive Prints Large Dog Bed
Colorful Dog PAWSitive Prints Large Dog Bed by dogpawsitivetidbits
See more Dog Pawsitive Tidbits Dog Beds at

Along with dog beds that are comfortable, my dog Valentino also likes a pillow while sleeping. He uses mine when sleeping in my bed and he has a small throw pillow in his crate too. Now I have designed an accent pillow with my hound dog's sleeping face upon it!

Sweet Puppy Dog Dreams Accent Pillow
Sweet Puppy Dog Dreams Accent Pillow by dogpawsitivetidbits
Find more Sweet puppy dog dreams Accent Pillows at Zazzle

With a new dog bed and pillow, surely Valentino will enjoy sleeping in style at his favorite spot in the living room, or just being comfortable as he gazes out the window at passersby.

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