Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Paw Prints On My Heart

Losing a pet can be difficult, as most dog lovers know.

I lost my dog Valentino seven months ago, on Good Friday, and my aching heart still says it feels like yesterday. I think about him a hundred times a day, at least.

Tears still come and go, precious moments all. One such moment was when I returned home from picking up Valentino's cremation remains. I had to share the moment with friends and roommates, Stephanie and Eric.

Inside an envelope was a card with a half a heart with a dove upon it. The words on the card made me cry, of course. Eric pretty much immediately said he would have the heart made so that I could wear it on a necklace.

A couple of weeks later Eric took me to the jewelry store to pick up the gift. It was gorgeous! Tears welled up inside. I couldn't wait to get out of that store so that I could have a good cry.

Thank you, Eric and Stephanie!

My necklace is perfect. My friends are perfect. The paw prints on my heart are beyond perfect.

God and Dog are Good.


  1. So they are! (Good.) Glad to see you again.

  2. Hello Priscilla! So happy to see you here for my return to blogging! And yes, all is good!