Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Barrel of Fun at the Dog Park

While at the dog park I have a tough time getting my dog to play on the agility equipment provided. My dog is just too distracted by his four-legged friends to focus on anything other than having a barrel of fun.

My dog Valentino crawls through the dog park agility barrel.
My dog Valentino crawls through the agility barrel.
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With encouragement from a pair of Weimaraners (and their humans) my dog Valentino jumped up into the barrel and crawled on through. But of course, a small chunk of Lebanon bologna was the prize awaiting him at the end of the tunnel.

We three humans agreed ... "Dog People" are the best!

Everyone at the dog park at Walnut Woods is as friendly as their dogs and that makes for a pawsitively perfect place to spend more than a tidbit of our time. There will be other times and other places to run Valentino through some agility training. For now, we are content to enjoy our play time together at the dog park.

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