Saturday, April 2, 2016

Paws for Serenity on Saturday

My dog Valentino rested his weary dog walking paws for a moment of serenity nearing the end of our dog walking today.

Valentino and I are fortunate to live just a few doors down from artist Robert Warren's Art Loft and Gallery. And yes, we have met the man, seeing and chatting with him often along our way.

PAWS for a moment of SERENITY on SATURDAY
My dog Valentino pauses for a moment of serenity on Saturday

On many of our dog days of the week we rest for a moment on the art loft grounds, taking in the Zen moments held in these serenity rocks. With Warren's guidance, you, too, can paint a picture of serenity. Interact with the artist on Facebook and take a look inside Robert Warren's Guide to Painting Water Scenes on Amazon.

If you (and your dogs) were to pause for a moment of serenity on Saturday, what would your painted picture look like?

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