Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dog Walk With the Sun

Dog Valentino with Daffodils
Today was a perfect Spring day for a walk with my dog Valentino. We walked in search of a bit of sunshine and we found it walking along our way.

Daffodils reached up to greet us along our way and seemed to say in their own special way, "Today is a perfect day for a walk with the sun!"

Not a thing rings truer to Spring than the golden bell flowers of Forsythia. These seemed to reach out to Valentino as he walked on by, pausing for a moment for me to capture the sunlight on camera.

Our quotography for the day is now one of our dog pawsitive tidbits available on a picture postcard ... WALK with the SUN!

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Dog Valentino Sleeping in a Sunbeam
Dog Valentino Sleeping in a Sunbeam

When our walk in the sunshine is done, my dog Valentino, whom I adore, finds himself a sunbeam inside and settles in for an afternoon nap on the floor while I ready myself for an evening at work.


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