Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Me and V

We wish our loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Me and V

My dog Valentino and I wish all our friends and family a blessed Thanksgiving Day in the year 2017. This blessing comes with a dog pawsitive tidbit for the year 2018. We ask that you each, in your own way and from deep down in your hearts...

Make 2018 a year of giving thanks for that which you are given and a year of giving to others, so they may do the same.

I give thanks for two blessings of invitations to spend this holiday sharing good food and friendship with families near and dear to me. However, I chose to spend this Thanksgiving Day at home (but not alone) with my dog Valentino.

Why? you may ask. Because my dog Valentino has been my best friend and closest-to-my-heart family member every day of the past three years.

Thankfully, for this holiday I shared good food and good friendship with a dear family--my church family! Hope United Methodist Church had their yearly Thanksgiving gathering on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I was a guest at the table of my work family in the midst of this fellowship gathering of faithfulness.

I trust that you have something for which to give thanks. I trust that you shall share a tidbit of thankfulness within your comment for Me and V here at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits today. We thank you!

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