Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cold and Wet Weather Clothes for Dogs

Built for the road ahead but not for dogs!
Cold weather clothing for our dogs is important. We want to keep our dogs as warm and dry and as comfortable as we want our bodies in the colder months of the year.

Sometimes we get creative when dressing our dogs. We try out an old sweater or shirt of our own we believe might fit our pet better than the last dog sweater we bought.

Last week when cold wet weather nipped at our paws, I took an old sweatshirt of mine, trimmed the sleeves a bit, and had my dog Valentino try it on for size.

While the Ford phrase on the back of my shirt says it's built for the road ahead, my dog Valentino barks, "But it's not built for me!"

DIY Human-to-Dog Shirt
While my hand-me-down-to-the-dog shirt seemingly protected Valentino from the windy cold of late Fall, he wasn't comfortable at all! He walked as if in restraints, even though the sweatshirt seemed roomy enough.

Dog Sweatshirt When his favorite critters to chase came into view, Valentino would pick up the pace for a few steps then come to a halt. He'd just stand there and give me his hound dog whine. Undoubtedly he felt there was no way he could chase a stray cat in a getup like that!

Clearly, my human sweatshirt was not intended for my dog. He walked as if it were pawsitively impossible to move along. Obviously, my DIY human-to-dog shirt was a complete failure.

While walking the neighborhood, my dog Valentino kept looking around as if to say, "If anyone sees me in this getup I am sure to die!"

Embarrassing Dog Clothes

My dog had difficulty taking care of business—I had to move the shirt away from his private parts for him to do so. He was clearly not impressed. And yes, I saved Valentino the embarrassment of capturing that chaos on camera!

Sure, my dog has a perfectly fine red sweater for keeping him warm during the winter season. Still, with rainy days and wet winter white flakes headed our way he has nothing to wear which will also keep him dry.

My dog Valentino needs a raincoat! Preferably one that will also keep him warm while keeping him dry.

Thanks to a fellow writer and her dog I feel I found the perfect cold and wet weather coat for my dog. Yes! I window shopped online and it was her purchase for her dog that made my final decision easier. I ordered Valentino a coat. It arrived today while I was at work. My dog and I will put it to the test this weekend!

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