Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Food Coloring In Dog Park Ponds

As my dog Valentino and I stood by the gate to the pond, the park ranger asked, "Does the dye in the pond tint your dog's fur since he has so much white?"

Blue Food Coloring in the Dog Park Ponds
Food Coloring Used to Dye Pond Water at the Dog Park
"No. I had no idea the pond water has dye in it." But now that I was looking closely as Valentino stepped into the pond... Yes, the water color was a brighter blue than usual!

The park ranger assured me this was not chemical dye, that it was food coloring. She also assured me it was safe for the dogs that would swim and play in the pond.

She went on to explain that the food coloring would help control algae growth by filtering the harsh sunlight. Okay, I learned my something new for the day!

There were no other dogs at the park this afternoon so it was relaxing for both me and Valentino. I loved the reflections on the water in this dog picture. My dog has his head in the clouds!

Dog Park Pond Reflections
Dog Park Pond Reflections

Since Valentino will occasionally drink the water from the pond while playing, I was a tidbit concerned about this dye business so I did a bit of research. Our government says food coloring is harmless for consumers (Dare I trust the Gov.?)

I also discovered an article that has the recipe for making your own pond dye, which can be used in decorative ponds and fountains, even aquariums. What color would you choose?

Valentino chews on a dog pond toy.
Valentino chews on a dog pond toy.

We love that the park and its patrons leave toys for other dogs to enjoy. Valentino managed to retrieve one of the floating water dog toys from the pond and off he ran for a bit of chew toy time.

It was a great day at the dog park for me and my boy. I appreciated our one-on-one time, although we sure did miss our dog pals.

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