Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dogs World Gone Bananas

Shadows - Dog Pawsitive Tidbits
What Lurks in the Shadows?
My dog and I enjoy shadow play in the sunshine. Sometimes our fun gives way to wondering what lurks in the shadows up ahead. Today we find it appropriate to ponder the fact that our world has gone bananas!

Valentino stops to sniff the flowers with banana trees in the mix of the plantings. It reminds us of the turmoil in our country (USA), our world.

More importantly, it reminds us of the beauty in our world and that we must always stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and breathe in the beauty surrounding us. For today ... Forget the politics and the fear. For today ... Embrace one another and our differences.

Bananas in Ohio on a Dog Walk
Our world has gone bananas ... trees, that is!

Take a walk with your dogs today. Share a bit of shadow play in the sunshine offerings of your world. Write about it! And when you do, share the link with us here at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits in a Not-So-Wordless Wednesday post.

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