Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dog Pals Inside and Out

While my dog Valentino plays well with other dogs outside the home, I often wondered how he might react to the presence of another dog inside the home, his territory.

Wonder no more! My roommate's girlfriend spends a good bit of time here now and often brings her little dog Roxie along.

While he may grumble just a tidbit when Roxie stockpiles his chew toys, one-by-one, onto the sofa (where she knows he is not allowed) he is a good dog. He waits patiently for Roxie to jump down and wander off so he can snag one of his dog bones off the couch!

One day the three of us were on the front porch and Roxie took off. Little dogs are fast! 

I chased her down, put her on the porch and leashed her up this time. All the while, Valentino serenaded her with his hound dog howl. You can bet Roxie paid heed to his admonishing tone!

As you can see, Valentino and Roxie are content to be front porch pals, sitting together as friends while watching our small town world go by.

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