Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Morning Snooze

Images of sleeping dogs seem to capture my dream-chasing attention best. Naturally, I am most charmed by pictures of my hound dog Valentino as he lay sleeping. This Sunday morning snooze was no exception to that rule.

Instead of waking at our usual time we stayed in bed together, long past my going-to-church time. Did we snooze and lose? I think not. Losing track of time snuggled up warm and comfy together was time well spent.

Once we finally rose to take a morning walk it seemed neither of us had much energy. Valentino jumped right back into bed, chasing kitty cats in his dog dreams, perhaps. I snapped a picture or two of him doing just that and chased my own dreams in my mind while gazing at my sleeping dog. Again, time well spent.

Sometimes our moments of relaxation are the quiet contemplation needed upon which our spirits will feed. Another Sunday morning for church-goers shall come to pass. On this day, Valentino and I are content being dreamchasers.

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