Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunshine and Shadows

Valentino and Ruthi enjoy a bit of autumn sunshine.
I spoke with a dear friend on the telephone last evening and promised her a bit o' sunshine today. I had planned to use a specific photo of my dog Valentino, in fact I even mentioned the photo to my friend in our conversation. Instead, I opted for these images I share here today, mostly because they are pictures of me and Valentino enjoying the sunshine in our back yard ... Together, which my friend would understand, for she helped make it so.

Something I have learned is that we cannot have sunshine without shadows, much like no roses without thorns. Life itself is as simple as that fact. I am learning that to appreciate the bits of sunshine that make their way into my every day, I must also appreciate the dark shadows cast alongside the sunlight.

The Sunshine Shadow Dogs have taught me much about living life to its fullest. It is through the god-dog that I am able and driven to spread a bit o' sunshine another's way. My friend is in need of a bit o' sunshine today, so...

Nancy, this one's for you!

Valentino and Ruthi in a bit o' sunshine.

Dog Pawsitive Tidbit for today: Life lives in the shadows of sunshine!


We have linked our sunshine and shadows up with BlogPaws today for Wordless Wednesday!

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