Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gotta Go Dog Moving Home

Whether it be for a dog walk, potty time, or moving home, "Gotta go!" is generally an important announcement of some sort by dogs and humans alike.

Gotta Go! Dog and I are moving Home!
Gotta Go!
My dog Valentino lets me know he's got to go potty by ringing the bells hanging from the front door knob. On one such recent occasion out the door we went.

When we got to the corner we saw a yard sale sign I thought rather appropriate for this dog walk, as well as knowing I would use it for my own "Gotta Go" article. My neighbor was having a moving sale and I just had to get my dog Valentino to pose for a picture in front of that sign.

This, then, is also the image I use to announce that my dog and I are moving back home to Ohio, from Florida.

While Ohio was not the first plan of where to move, in the end, going home became the right thing to do for me at this point in time. But of course, my dog Valentino would travel with me wherever I gotta go!

Who Says You Can't Go Home

As one of my fellow dog lovers (Cathy of Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them) reminded me in a comment on my moving article on my poetry and prose blog -- Bon Jovi's tune is certainly appropriate for this journey to my old and new home.

Who Says You Can't Go Home, Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi CD with Who Says You Can't Go Home
To go home to Ohio where I was born and bred, and where loved ones live, is the right place for me at this time in my life. Being old-er and away from my son and his family the past few years... Well, it is just no fun being a long distance grandparent!

But of course, I look forward to introducing my dog Valentino to my family, a reunion of sorts, and to the hills of Ohio from whence I came. This hound dog is gonna love romping in the fields with my grandson!

Our journey may not be an easy one but we will make our move together an adventure. I must take a moment to add my sincere appreciation to all who have supported this moving decision and continue to do so every step of our way. Without these friends and their concern, prayers, and donations... Well, going home would not be possible and I hate to think of what might have happened to my dog and I had we not had such compassionate support in this journey home.

We Thank You Postcard
We Thank You Postcard by dogpawsitivetidbits
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My dog and I will travel homeward bound toward the end of July. While I plan to get back online as soon as possible, I'm not sure how long that will take or whether I will be able to afford internet access right away.

And yes, I am still accepting donations to help make this move as painless as possible via our FundRazr campaign, graciously set up by one of my dearest friends and fellow writer, Nancy.

Please know that just because we gotta go does not mean we are gone forever. We shall return with our dog pawsitive tidbits!

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