Saturday, July 4, 2015

Suncatcher Dogs

It is no secret that I thrive on catching rays of sunshine. I have come to enjoy it even more when my dog Valentino catches a bit of sunshine for me.

Sun Catcher Dog Valentino

On this day as we took a dog walk under the setting of the evening sun, my dog Valentino stopped in stride to gaze into the rays of the sun.

Sun Dog Valentino Smiles

Then he turned to me with a smile as if to say, "Did you catch that, Mom?" You bet I did!

Now, if I could just find an American English (Redtick) Coonhound on dog suncatchers! There seem to be ornamental dog sun catchers available on Amazon in a variety of breeds but I have yet to find my breed of hound dog pictured on one.


Disclosure: Ruth Cox is an Associate of Amazon and may earn income based on purchases made through links in this article.

Click any of the links above to see if you find your breed pictured on the dog house suncatchers. And please let me know if you find my coonhound on a sun catcher!

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