Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tick Repellent Essential Oils For Dogs

Walk in the Woods with my Dog, Valentino

Take a hike in the woods with you and your dogs smelling like a rose and you needn't worry as much about ticks going along for the ride.

I am living in a rural north Florida area surrounded by tick infested woods and thickets. This presents a serious problem while walking my hound dog, Valentino, who prefers the wooded areas to the pavement, dragging me right into the thick of things with him.

After each walk I would find and remove several ticks from my dog and a couple from me as well. I immediately put the dog on Frontline Plus to kill the icky tickies, as I call them.

I was not happy about using the controversial chemical on my dog so I began researching more natural alternatives. After reading many articles about using essential oils as a tick repellent, I opted to give it a try.

Rose Geranium Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Based on articles I read as well as customer reviews, I purchased Rose Geranium by Edens Garden from Amazon. Interestingly, along with its many medicinal purposes, the plant which this oil comes from has historically been cultivated by many people to ward off evil spirits. Well, I consider bloodsucking disease-carrying ticks as evil as arachnids can be, so that works for me!

Working to repel ticks is exactly what the Rose Geranium essential oil is doing for me and my dog. I did not administer Frontline Plus to my dog in early December nor in January. Instead, I administer the essential oil daily — a drop at the shoulder blades and at the base of his tail. And, of course, I give myself a drop too, at the hairline on the back of my neck. I am finding no ticks on either of us!

Last week it rained for days so I did not apply the Rose Geranium until the third day when, yes, after we came in from a walk I immediately saw three ticks on the dog and removed one from myself. Now I reach for that little bottle of essential oil every day and no more ticks!

Beautiful Roses Custom Mug by RaintreeDesigns

No doubt about it, I am convinced. I'm sold on the use of Rose Geranium as a tick repellent. And ... My dog and I smell as sweet as roses!

Dog Pawsitive Tidbits: From my personal experience I have found Rose Geranium a viable solution as a tick repellent for my dog. However, I highly recommend you discuss this with your veterinarian and/or medical professional before administering essential oils to your pets and animals. Further, do NOT use essential oils on cats.

My dog Valentino and I would enjoy having you dog blog hop along with us this week for PAWSit Hop Saturday

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