Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not A Morning Dog Person

Dog or no dog, I am not a morning person!

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When my dog Valentino woke me at six o'clock in the morning after his first night of sleep in our home, I grumbled having to walk my hound dog with the rising of the sun — without coffee!

Fast forward to today... I awoke at ten-thirty in the morning to a sleeping dog beneath the comforter while using my feet as his pillow!

I woke Valentino up with gentle rubbing and whispers of love. Upon rising out of bed, we headed to the kitchen for my first mug of coffee. I settled in at my desk to wake up my brain for writing this article while drinking my coffee. My dog Valentino nestled on his pillow bed on the floor behind my desk chair.

When my coffee cup ran dry I headed to the kitchen, with the dog as my shadow, fixed his breakfast, then refilled my cup with hot coffee and went back to my desk. Upon finishing his morning meal, Valentino sat near my desk with pleading eyes for his morning walk.

"Hot," I said. He backed away into his laying down place with head on his front paws, patiently watching me drink my second cup of coffee.

With two mugs of coffee to wake me up, out the door Valentino and I went for our long morning walk. Our morning walks are so enjoyable, greeting the neighbors (humans as well as dogs.) I generally allow my dog Valentino to take the lead on our first walk of the day, which means me often jogging along at his fast pace.

There is, of course, a method to my madness — the hope of tiring him out so upon our return to the house I can finish off that pot of coffee while he snuggles up on the sofa for a morning nap as a couch potato while I begin my creative writing and design work of the day.

Thrilled that over the course of a little over two months I have gradually trained my dog Valentino to understand that I am not a morning dog person. Now, in fact, I can also announce that Valentino is not a morning dog and I have my morning mug to prove it!

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