Saturday, January 3, 2015

Old and New Year Dog Beds

My Dog Valentino's First Nap In Our Home
On November 5th of 2014 I welcomed my shelter dog, Valentino, into my heart and his forever home. After he wore himself out sniffing every item in every nook and cranny of his new surroundings he settled in for a nap on a dog bed fashioned from an old comforter that three past dogs had slept upon.

I would drag that old comforter with me as Valentino followed me from my home office to the living room during the day and finally to the bedroom at night. It was the only place he would lay to rest or to sleep as he had yet to show anything other than fearfulness about sleeping on my furniture.

My Dog Valentino Napping On His Pillow Bed
Then Valentino's majestic pillow bed for dogs arrived. Here again, something new for my shelter dog to get used to. Since he'd grown attached to the comforter, it remained his day bed while the pillow dog bed became his bed for sleeping in my bedroom at night.

Of course, I longed for the day Valentino would feel comfortable lying on the couch and sleeping in my bed. The day finally came when he grew into a couch potato. And although at night he would prance around my bed and beg to climb aboard with me, I had set a rule about this — he had to want it enough to jump up there for himself.

On New Year's Eve, my dog Valentino placed his paws upon the bed. The moment had arrived — into my bed he climbed! I think he was as amused by this event as I.

My Dog Valentino Sleeping In My Bed

My dog Valentino was quick to lay his head upon my pillows and together we rang in the new year, 2015, with a whole lot of loving.

What happened to that comforter? It is now neatly folded to fit the floor of his crate. That suits Valentino just fine. And his plush pillow dog bed is on my office floor for when he wants to be near me while I work. If I'm in the family room, he is a couch potato.

Our bedtime routine has become a time for us to cuddle up for a half hour or so. Then Valentino moves to the foot of the bed where he has his own pillow. And the two of us are now nestled in for a good night of sweet dreams of a happy new year.

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