Monday, May 14, 2018

Post-Operative Canine PTSD

Does my dog have post-operative canine PTSD? No. However, my dog Valentino did have surgery today.

Canine Cyst Removal Staples

Just as with humans, the night before his surgery my dog was to have no food or water after midnight. We awoke this morning and went straight outside for a quick walk, then we headed to our veterinarian for Gingival Mass removal and the removal of a mass on his back.

Surgery went well, with no major surprises... meaning no tooth extractions or jawbone issues. A sample of the growth on Valentino's gums was sent to the lab. The vet is pretty sure the mass on his back was a sebaceous cyst. The dog did get fourteen staples on his back for that one!

When it was time for my dog Valentino to come home I was instructed he could have a little water and if he held it down could have a bit more later in the evening, as well as a tidbit of food. If all was well he could eat again in the morning.

Upon arriving home, Valentino headed straight for his dog bowls. Sniff - no food! Sniff again - no water! He was not a happy camper!

I poured a half cup of water into his bowl, which he lapped right up and asked for more. I tried to distract him but he was having none of that. I even grabbed his leash, hoping going outside would work. Not!

My Dog Valentino Post-Surgery

For a couple of hours my dog did nothing but pace the kitchen, sniffing for food and drink. He sat alongside the fridge as if he might will the food out the door into his mouth!

I finally gave in and allowed him a small mixture of the two. Although he wanted more, Valentino realized he wouldn't get it and agreed to a short walk outdoors. It was a good sign to me when he peed on the nearest tree.

I am ever so thankful for all the support, prayers, and gifts from friends and neighbors for my boy. I am thankful for a boss and co-worker who covered my job duties for me so I could be with my canine life mate today. I am thankful for the great care we received from everyone at Canal Animal Clinic of Canal Winchester.

Though Valentino is a wee bit hungry at the moment, I am grateful his post-operative canine PTSD is merely a momentary surgery thing soon to be forgotten. No doubt my hound dog will be eating his usual meals within a day or two. Besides, I feel it wouldn't hurt him to lose a pound or two!

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