Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dog Surgery Lab Results

My veterinarian suggested surgery to remove the growth on the gums of my dog Valentino. I did not hesitate to follow her advice.

We chose the course of action best for us: mass removal as well as a dental cleaning. We also chose to send the mass off to the lab so we would know for sure what we are dealing with.

The gingival mass removal took place this past Monday. (Read more about it HERE.)

Lab Results Are In

I am happy to share with you the report that the gum tissue sent for pathology was not a form of cancer. Bravo!

My vet assured me this is good news. However, tests shows my dog Valentino has canine gingival hyperplasia.  She says this indicates inflammation, persistent irritation, or possibly a bad bite.

Valentino has his follow-up visit with the vet in a week. At that time I will know more about the cause of his gum disease and what we may be able to do to prevent it from recurring.

At that vet appointment Valentino will also get the staples removed from the mass removal on his back.

Post-operative recovery for my dog Valentino is going well. He misses rolling in the grass and misses gnawing on his meaty bones. But, he will survive!

I had the day off from work today and spent it walking the neighborhood with Valentino. We always manage to find a bit o' sunshine between the raindrops that fall our way.

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