Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunny Window Sleeper Dog Bed

One of my dog Valentino's favorite spots in the house is the front room window which looks out on the front porch and the city street beyond. He enjoys napping there, especially when the sun is shining through the windows on the front of the house. It is also my guess that my hound dog is afraid he might miss something going by so he likes being near the action outside the window to his world.

Right now Valentino sleeps on an old comforter folded up on the floor in front of the window. This is a very special comforter, one which three of my earlier dogs had slept upon, and the first place Valentino felt comfortable sleeping when I first brought him into my home as a foster dog. It will stay in use by Valentino, adding extra padding for his dog crate, where he stays while I am at work (if my roommate is also not at home.)

Whatever the reason my dog prefers this spot to sleep, I think it time he gets an official dog bed upon which to rest his hound dog head.

Colorful Dog PAWSitive Prints Large Dog Bed
Colorful Dog PAWSitive Prints Large Dog Bed by dogpawsitivetidbits
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Along with dog beds that are comfortable, my dog Valentino also likes a pillow while sleeping. He uses mine when sleeping in my bed and he has a small throw pillow in his crate too. Now I have designed an accent pillow with my hound dog's sleeping face upon it!

Sweet Puppy Dog Dreams Accent Pillow
Sweet Puppy Dog Dreams Accent Pillow by dogpawsitivetidbits
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With a new dog bed and pillow, surely Valentino will enjoy sleeping in style at his favorite spot in the living room, or just being comfortable as he gazes out the window at passersby.

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