Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hound Looking Good In His Dog Sweater

Valentino looking good in his new dog sweater.
Having moved from the warmth of the south to the cold north, I worried about keeping my hound dog warm in Ohio's winter weather. No need to worry, for he is looking good, as well as quite warm, in his first dog sweater!

Valentino's new winter wear is a gift from our friend and fellow dog lover, Nancy. We are both grateful for her Christmas spirit of giving. I know Valentino would just jump up and give her a big dog hug and kiss full of slobber if he could. Alas, our fashion show with Valentino sporting his Lookin' Good! Classic Cable Dog Sweater will have to do for now.

Valentino was happy to pose, walk, sit, and even sleep in his sweater for Nancy (and my readers) to see how comfortable he is in his new red sweater.

 Click the pictures for a larger view of Valentino in his dog sweater.

I like that this dog sweater is bright red, perfect color for the winter white weather and seasonal holidays. I like that the cable knitting is a bit stretchy but not too much so.

The fit is pretty good, especially in length and cut to allow room for my boy to go to the bathroom without getting pee on his sweater. I would like the design to have been a bit more roomy in the chest area, but it fits well enough and does not constrict my coonhound's movement.

All-in-all, me and my dog Valentino say he is good to go for the first snow of the season.

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Do you dress your dogs for wintry weather?

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