Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Dog and I Are Inseparable

My rescue dog and I have become the best of friends for each other. We are "The Inseparables" my dog Valentino and I, our bond unbreakable.

This little pillow with picture poem I created has become the words we live by.

Paw print companions
Together by night and day

From the moment I realized I was ready, willing, and able to love and to be loved by Valentino, I brought him home. Together we have walked miles within our neighborhood and walked miles along our little stretch of the coastline on the Gulf of Mexico.

Together we have trained one another. Valentino has done well in his dog training and he has trained me well too! I have learned so much about dogs from him, especially hound dogs. I fantasize becoming a hound dog whisperer one day, ha!

My dog Valentino and I eat together, play together, sleep together, and these days we pray together. When snuggling upon our bed pillows at bedtime, I whisper my prayer to the heavens above to keep my love dog and I together, come what may in the darkness and in the light of day.

Oh, life with my redtick coonhound rescue mutt this past few months has been pure pleasure. I do not want to lose this life treasure and I know without a doubt that Valentino feels the same.

Unfortunately, I find myself in a major life challenge that threatens to separate me and my dog. I am unemployed and unable to pay my share of household expenses. Thus, my roommate of seven years has asked me to make other living arrangements for me and my dog, as soon as possible.

I do not want to feel forced to return my rescue dog to the shelter from whence he came if I must move in haste. Worse, I do not care to see me and my Valentino living in my car, or worse yet, homeless and hungry for love as we try to survive. He deserves better! Frankly, so do I.

You can help keep us together!

Evidently, my dog Valentino and I have friends in high places. These friends have been working overtime to keep us together!

My friend Karen has made temporary living arrangements for us in the Pacific Northwest -- We're going to Washington! And, my friend Nancy has set up a FundRazr for financial assistance. Our needs are on the way to being met! But... Best of all has been the overwhelming emotional support from friends and strangers all over the world.

This, then, is my plea to the dog lovers of the world. My dog and I need your help to keep us together!

Visit our FundRazr page to learn more. If you cannot make a donation, I do understand. But... I ask you (I am begging like a dog here!) to please share the link with others who may be able to come to our aid.

Time is of the essence...
You can help keep us together...

Valentino and Ruthi - The Inseparables - Thank You!

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