Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dogs Take Time To Smell The Thistle Flowers

Yes, Spring is in the air and this means there is also the sweet scent of fragrant flowers popping up everywhere. I find this brings both me and my dog great joy on our daily walks together.

On one of our walks this week, my dog Valentino and I discovered Milk Thistle abloom. Off the road and down into the field we trekked to get a closer look at these pinkish-purple thistle blossoms.

Normally when I am taking pictures as we walk, my dog will just sit not-so-patiently awaiting the dog treats he knows he will receive at the end of my picture-taking task. Not this time!

It was amazing that Valentino not only gave each thistle flower a good sniff but that he even licked a few of the thistle blooms too. He even bit off a few of the seeds to chew!

But of course, Valentino's little adventure became one of our Dog Pawsitive Tidbits and is now available for purchase in our Zazzle store!

Naturally, when we returned home, I decided to do a bit of research to reassure myself that the Milk Thistle flower would not be dangerous for my dog to eat. It appears as though the milk thistle is considered an herbal remedy for many ailments for dogs and humans. I couldn't help but wonder if my Valentino instinctively knew this and ate a bit of the thistle's sweetness for medicinal purposes!

NOTE: I highly recommend a consultation with your veterinarian before supplementing your dog's diet with Milk Thistle.

Sources of Information: Read Milk Thistle For Your Dog and Milk Thistle Benefits and Side Effects.

A fellow writer mentioned that a family member is allergic to Milk Thistle, so back to my research I went. Indeed, it is not uncommon and seems it could very well be an overall allergy to flora of the Aster family!

So humans beware and enlist your physician's advice as to whether you should be concerned about Milk Thistle. Read more here: Allergic Reaction to Milk Thistle.

Do you and your dog take time to smell the flowers?

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