Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Dog is Learning to Sit and Stay

Valentino Sits by My Desk
I met my foster dog Valentino three months ago. He has been living in my home for two weeks today, hooray!

Not once during my visits to the shelter did I ever see Valentino sit. He would stand, jump up and around, and if tired he might lay. So when he came to live with me we began serious "sit" training. And just so you know—we do not use treats for training him to sit, nor do I verbally command the dog to "Sit!"

Now, when Valentino sits, whether upon my hand commands or on his own, he receives dog pawsitive tidbits of soft petting of his head paired with a jolly "Good boy!" Then, I instruct him to "Stay."

In two weeks we've come a long way baby, for on the twelfth day with me ... Valentino performed a sit and stay that I was able to capture on camera!

My Dog Valentino in a Sit and Stay Pose

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My dog and I linked this not-so-wordless sit and stay article up with BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

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