Friday, November 21, 2014

Dogs Day Out and About Running Errands

Yesterday was a dog's day out and about for running errands, mostly all dog-related. The most important of the errands was clearance for my foster dog, Valentino, to go to the beach with me. We have been eagerly awaiting his neuter wound to heal for our first romp together in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our day began with another black bear sighting at the start of our morning walk. We had seen this same bear the night before so Valentino had his his redtick coonhound nose honed for the scent, spotting the bear immediately and alerting me with an on-point stance. Obviously, I steered the dog in the opposite direction so we could take care of his potty business.

Karen, Valentino, and Warren
Finally, off we went to the Franklin County Humane Society. Karen (assisted by Warren) gave Valentino and his private parts a good going over, including suture removal. Warren removed a tick from the top of the dog's head. But of course, the examination ended with Karen's hearty, "He's ready to go to the beach!"

Bri and Valentino
Karen felt our harness for Valentino was a bit small and would eventually cut into his tender armpit skin, so we traded it for one of hers which appears to be a much more comfortable fit and heavier duty for our big boy. And best of all--Bri took Valentino for a walk while we visited. She has missed him so. (Remember, he was at the shelter for eight months and the staff really became quite attached to him.)

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Scott had remembered to bring the dog food container so the animal shelter could replenish our stash, for while fostering they provide Valentino's dog food. We now have food enough to feed this hound for a few more weeks. I love this Behren's galvanized steel can with a locking lid to keep critters out and freshness in. (I don't do plastic for food, mine or dogs.)

Next we needed to go to the vet's office to get flea and tick prevention. Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic personnel were delighted to see me with Valentino. They recognized me as this was my dog Tidbit's vet. The vet tech who'd assisted in Tidbit's euthanization was there too and quite happy to see I was now providing a loving home for Valentino. They recognized Valentino because that is where he'd had his neutering surgery.

Valentino weighed in at fifty-three pounds and four ounces, gaining three and a half pounds in his two weeks with me. I guess he's being fed well. And believe me, he's getting plenty of exercise. And now, with Valentino, so am I!

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Oh! While at the vet's office, Scott noticed they had KONG brand toys for sale so he bought Valentino a KONG dental chew toy with rope. Now Valentino has two KONGs--the best chew toys around for our serious chewer! (And by comparison, would have been much cheaper to buy at Amazon, oh my!)

On the way home, we stopped at the local grocery to inquire about femur bones for dogs. Unfortunately--no good butcher bones at all in the store. (Roommate Scott assured me he'll take on the job of locating good raw meat bones for Valentino. Wish him luck with that!)

So, yesterday wore Valentino out and he slept like a baby last night! I can well imagine that after our first walk on the beach together this evening he will be dog tired again. (Be sure to subscribe to Dog Pawsitive Tidbits for our beachcombing tales and other future dog stories.)

We're off now to walk the block to the beach to watch a sunset! Woof!

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