Thursday, September 7, 2017

Off Leash Freedom Run of Gratitude

Freedom rings true for my dog off leash. I can almost hear the bells of freedom ringing in the breeze as my dog Valentino runs swiftly by me.

My dog Valentino runs swiftly by me.

Today, we hum a tune of gratitude for our neighborly friend who has opened the gate to his fenced yard, to allow Valentino to run free. Being able to run off the leash is the truest sense of freedom for dogs. I think the only thing that might make him happier would be to do so without being fenced in.

This truth is obvious when he runs his first freedom lap through the yard and then begins to check out the fence line for any possibility of escape. He does the same thing in any fenced yard and at the dog park.

Off leash, first my dog Valentino runs.

My dog Valentino checks the fence line.

Unencumbered by his leash...
My dog Valentino runs free, checks the fence, then runs some more!

My dog Valentino is off and running again!

Above all, my dog Valentino shows gratitude for our new friend, Patrick, who made this off-leash freedom run possible. He slows his running paws nearby as he wags his tail in appreciation.

A tail wag of gratitude.

Ah! the joy of freedom and friendship, if only for a tidbit of time!

Today we are blog hopping along with our new net friends over at Brian's Home in his Thankful Thursday blog hop.

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