Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wish List For My Hound Dog

My dog arose bright-eyed for breakfast, a walk in the morning sun (taking care of doggie business) then settled in for a long morning nap, perchance to dream up a wish list of things for himself.

My dog Valentino says, "Good morning, Sunshine!"

Naturally, I am assisting my hound dog Valentino with the writing of his list of wishful and needful things. I will update this dog's wish list regularly when I buy the items or we receive them as gifts. (Not-so-subtle hint..:-)

3 Needful Things On My Dog's Wish List

View Harness on Amazon
Tops on our list of needed walking gear is the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. My boy needs this that pretty Pacific Blue, size medium for his girth, with room to gain or lose an inch or two. Preferably, lose!

After careful consideration, I have determined this harness will suit my needs just fine, keeping him comfortably secure when out and about. It has front and back leash attachment points, which is important to me. And, both neck and girth straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit, while snug enough my Houdini dog will not be able to back out of his harness.

As much as Valentino enjoys his freedom, he is crate trained. I was lucky to receive a used Petmate Vari Kennel for this purpose from the shelter from whence he came.  Unfortunately, this crate has a lot of wear and tear and is even cracked around the door frame. It works fine with supervision, but I would not trust it if I am not around to watch my dog.

Since we will move to a new home soon and I will be returning to work full-time, I feel I may need to crate the dog while I'm at work until he gets used to his new surroundings and not having me around as much. I do not want him chewing up the new place while unattended.

While the Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set (Large) would be my dream for my dog, more likely I will settle for the Home On-The-Go Dog Crate in Black X-Large. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to pay a handyman to build a table around it!


But of course, no wish list for dogs would be complete without a real treat for the dog!

While my hound dog has taste-tested some of the best dog treats around — those made by Good Reasons and Paws Barkery — right now his taste buds await this Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Dog Treat!

Valentino knows a good thing when he smells it (even in his dog dreams!)

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No doubt you have a dog treat that is your dog's favorite, too. Write a review! Or, publish your dog's wish list!

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Valentino will be happy to sniff them out!

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