Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dogs Dare to Love and Be Loved

One year ago today a hound dog arrived at Franklin County Humane Society in Eastpoint, Florida, his fate to be determined by compassionate care and the name given him upon his Valentine's Day arrival — VALENTINO

Eight months later this hound dog took a car ride to what would become his forever home ... to love and to be loved ... Forevermore.

My Love Day Dog Valentino
(Click the pic for a larger view.)

This is the face of pure sweet love and is one of my favorite pictures of my dog Valentino. He grins from ear to ear and at this moment begins the journey of letting go of his fear, somehow knowing that the future holds all good things for those who wait and persevere.

Who Rescued Who

Oh, and wait Valentino did — for me!

You will discover just who rescued who when you read our waiting game story. Ours is a tale to remember, much like many stories of dogs and humans who have rescued one another with love.

You, too, can know a love like this and Valentino is always here to remind you — Adopt a shelter dog!

Sunshine Shelter Dog Postcard
Sunshine Shelter Dog Postcard by dogpawsitivetidbits
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