Saturday, December 13, 2014

Only You Can Help Shelter Dogs

It is true—Only YOU can help shelter dogs, and other pets and animals, find that much needed Forever Home.

My dog Valentino shares his shelter dog pawsitive tidbit with you today...

Gilligan, the Dachshund from Wags Ahoy! stopped by Dog Pawsitive Tidbits with a comment the other day. Off I went to repay the visit and I made the most delightful discovery while reading his blog post about a Chihuahua named Shorty.

Gilligan's article was about dog adoption, specifically shelter dog adoptions, and specifically written for and linked up with Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop. So we walked on over to Dogs N Pawz to learn more about this weekly hop and its Opt to Adopt blog campaign.

We learned that all we need to do to participate in Tuesday's Tails is to be a blogger and a person concerned enough about the plight of shelter animals to blog about one of the shelter pets each week. This is done, of course, in hopes of helping to find its Forever Home!

So, even if you can not provide a home for a dog or a cat, you can still help dogs and cats find their way into the hearts and homes of an animal lover. Yes, you and I can help!

My plan is to contact my local shelter, Franklin County Humane Society, from whence Valentino came, and select a good dog to share with you each week. We will, of course, be linking up with Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop when we do.

Won't you join us by sharing your blogging voice on behalf of shelter pets anywhere and everywhere?

Ruthi and Valentino would also like to have you join us each week here at Dog Pawsitive Tidbits for PAWSit Hop Saturday, where we blog anything and everything about dogs!

Grab the PAWSit InLinkz code for your blog post.

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