Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sleeping With Dogs PAWSit #4

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I am of the mind that dogs do not like to sleep alone any more than humans do. And being single for well over a decade now, I can honestly say that I much prefer sleeping with my dogs than with that ex-husband!

My dogs, Tidbit and Scratch, slept in my bed from their beginnings, with Tidbit arriving first. She started out sleeping on my pillow above my head. She was tiny enough at a few weeks old to sleep there comfortably—for the both of us!

As Tidbit grew a little bigger she slept alongside me, under the covers if there was a winter chill in the air. Then she moved to that spot at the bend of my knees.

Of course, if I moved and bumped Tidbit in the night, she'd slide on down to the bottom of the bed. It was as if she knew I was having a restless night or dark dreams so she would lay at the foot of the bed, standing guard.

When puppy Scratch came along it was time for sleeping position rearrangement. Tidbit reverted back to sleeping alongside me, curled up near the pillows or at the crook of my knees. Scratch always slept at the bottom of the bed—Tidbit's rule—as leader of the pack, she made it clear to her daughter dog that I belonged to her, ha! That's alright, as Scratch was also an excellent guard dog.

Yes, I know! I am supposed to be the leader of the pack, but in reality Tidbit was, for the most part. And she knew it and so did Scratch, and we all were okay with that fact.

I also know that some pet professionals advise against sleeping with our pets, for a variety of good reasons. (Leader of the pack issues being one of them!) Personally, I ascribe to the theory that there is not a thing wrong with pets in the bed. I get a much better night of sleep with my dogs in my bed!

On the rare occasion that I would take an afternoon nap on the sofa, I could count on my dog Tidbit to crawl right up there with me. And I'm pretty sure she didn't appreciate the flash of a camera awakening her from her nap!

My dog Scratch could nestle in for a good nap anywhere. In fact, changing bedding was always a trip. Stripping the bed I would toss the bedding in a pile on the floor. But of course, Scratch would be quick to jump right onto the pile and make herself comfortable. She looks like a princess there, don't you think?

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