Saturday, October 21, 2017

PAWSit with Dogs on Benches

Pause for a tidbit of time to sit with me and my dog. Perhaps you and I can read and write together while my dog rests his weary paws. We have walked for quite some time.

Yes, my dog Valentino and I have been strolling around the neighborhood, the dog park too. We found several benches upon which to sit. Alas, each bench is empty!

Ah! but we have an empty bench remedy in mind! But of course, we will need your help for this task. So, pick a bench and sit for a bit while we explain what we want you to do.

Dog Valentino at Robert Warren's Art Loft

My dog found this empty bench at

Dog Valentino at Canal Winchester Area Historical Society

My dog Valentino found this empty bench at the

Empty Bench at Dog Park

My dog Valentino found this empty bench
at the dog park.

Empty benches make for lonely dogs and dog lovers. So... 

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  • Please leave paw prints in the comment section for Valentino.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dog Walking Serenity Wind Chime

My dog Valentino pauses to hear musical wind chimes.

Dog Valentino Listens to Musical Wind Chimes
Valentino's pause from our dog walking was just long enough for me to capture a few seconds of the sound of serenity coming from the limbs of an old tree.

But of course, that pause was short-lived and his paws hit the pavement in search of other things. That was fine with me.

I consider strolling along with my dog an exercise in serenity-seeking for both of us — no matter where our feet may lead. Valentino is generally more interested in sniffing for the smell of animals that came before us on our pathway. For me, tranquility is found in the walk itself.

Spring and Autumn seasons seem best for stirring music in the trees and on front porches of our neighborhood.  As these seasonal winds blow, our sidewalk stroll is alive with the gentle sound of music from wind chimes filling the air.

Dog Walking to Wind Chimes

Ah! the sight and sounds of serenity!


A walk in the neighborhood with my dog Valentino by my side, the air we breathe filled with the sight and sound of musical wind chimes, serenity sought and found — who could ask for anything more?

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PAWSit Hop Saturday
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Good Neighbors Good Treats For Dogs

Most dog lovers make good neighbors, a treat in and of itself.

Indy Dog Treats for Valentino
My dog Valentino and I are fortunate to live in a neighborhood where great neighbors, dog lovers, and dog pals are plentiful. We consider it a treat to live in such a dog-friendly community.

But of course, not a thing pleases Valentino more than a package of dog treats left on our front porch just for him!

Occasionally I will open the front door and there on the porch is a treat for my dog from a neighborly dog lover. This week the package included a note: "Ruth- Snacks for Valentino. Indy doesn't like these."

Good Neighbor Dog Indy
I assured my good neighbor that my dog Valentino enjoyed the Cesar dog dinners that her dog Indy did not like.

Valentino had one of the meals as a stand alone snack. He ate the rest of them mixed in with his dry food each day until gone.

There are times when dog treats left on the porch for Valentino are bittersweet gifts. That was the case when I found a bag of Beggin' Strips and a container of Grain Free Jerky on the porch.

Valentino Loves His Dog Treats from Albus

I knew instantly they were from my neighbors next door. Their dog Albus was accidentally killed by a hit and run driver the day before.

Valentino misses his dog park pal. And I miss the handsome face of Albus greeting me on a daily basis.

Each time I give Valentino one of these treats I say, "Thank you, Albus." While Valentino enjoys his treats, I recall that sad moment when our friends lost their dog.

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We would like to hear from all of our friends who are good neighbors and dog lovers. We will consider it a great treat to have you join us this week in our PAWSit Hop Saturday dog blog hop.

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