Saturday, November 11, 2017

God Dog Bless the Vets USA

November 11th is Veterans Day in the USA. My dog Valentino is here to remind you...Lest you forget.

Here in Canal Winchester, Ohio, vets and widows and widowers of vets who lost their lives in service of our country have already enjoyed a pancake breakfast at the community center. Now a ceremonial march through downtown is about to begin.

In the evening, twenty-some-odd veterans from our small town will be served dinner at Hope United Methodist Church (of which I am a member.)

Although my dog and I will miss the festivities due to my work schedule, we wanted to say...

Veterans Day USA 2017

Lest we forget...Thank you, Vets!

God-dog Bless the USA

Liberty Star-Spangled Banner Postcard
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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Beautiful Joe From Ontario

Beautiful Joe was a real dog. He was a lowly cur—mixed breed, mongrel, mutt—abused then rescued. He lived the rest of his years loved and happy in Meaford, Ontario, Canada.

The beautiful thing about Joe is his legacy. BEAUTIFUL JOE is the dog's story, as told by the dog himself. Published in 1894, the book gave voice to the dog, as written by author Marshall Saunders.

The tale of the dog also gave voice to the author and her mission, Beautiful Joe's legacy. In fact, in his autobiography Beautiful Joe tells us of his rescue mistress, Miss Laura, "I love her better than anyone else in the world; and I think it would please her if I write the story of a dog's life. She loves dumb animals, and it always grieves her to see them treated cruelly."

Margaret Marshall Saunders was an animal rights advocate as well as an author. In 1889, a time when dogs and other animals were thought of as "beasts of burden" and "dumb animals" Saunders submitted her story of Beautiful Joe to an American Humane Society "Kind and Cruel Treatment of Domestic Animals and Birds in the Northern States" competition. Her submission won her the prize of $200.

In this, my second reading of BEAUTIFUL JOE for this book review, I read it aloud to my rescue dog Valentino. We enjoyed a few hours sunning ourselves at the picnic table or cooling ourselves in the shade of the front porch while enjoying the stories from Joe and Saunders. It was time well-spent together.

Dog Pawsitive Tidbits: Beautiful Joe Book Review

The stories in the book touched my heart in so many good ways and in a few not-so-good ways. Each story comes with a life lesson of its own to be learned. I would love to share them all with you. Alas! I can not. You simply must buy BEAUTIFUL JOE and read it for yourself!

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Beautiful Joe Park

I have not had the pleasure of visiting the park in Meaford, Ontario to see its dedication to Beautiful Joe and Saunders. I hope one day I will have the chance to do so. For now, I am appreciative of those who have and share their time and photos of Beautiful Joe Park.

I imagine me and my rescue dog Valentino walking those sacred grounds together. We may even meet up with our Canadian friend Susan and her dog Maggie!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dog Rescue Blues Poem Tail Wag

Empty Bench Blues
Oftentimes dog rescues inspire poetry or tail wags. Or both, as is the case for me and my dog Valentino.

Last week my PAWSit post shared three pictures of my dog near empty benches. Bench number three tugged at my poetic heart strings! Thus, it was the first of the bench images to be used by me as poetic inspiration.

My first attempt at a Blues Poem is dedicated to one of our dearest friends. My wee bit of rhyme is followed by a tail wag of thanks to her from "our dog" Valentino.

Empty Bench Blues
A dog rescue poem © Ruth Cox

An empty bench is not a victimless crime.
Come sit with me for a tidbit of time.
Hear my rescue tale...
Not long ago this hound dog might have died,
But for his heart a gentle woman cried,
Heard his lonesome wail—
Earned his wagging tail.

Thank you, NANCY!
Video recording © Ruth Cox

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