Saturday, July 25, 2020

Together Just Do It

I stand on top of the world, blessed by my view at the bottom of the stairs — togetherness shared — by my dog Valentino and his housemate Roxy. What a treasure to have these two canine companions together in the same household.

After a short trip outside in the back yard together to run to and fro and take care of business, they are found napping together.

Just Do It Together
Dogs Valentino & Roxie Napping Together

It matters not that they are big and small, old and young, nor male and female. What matters is that they are together, doing what dogs do, blessing the humans who love them.

Today's dog pawsitive tidbit: Just do it — together!

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  1. They sure are adorable with their snoozy togetherness!

    1. Yes they are, Brian, thank you! I have so many pictures of these two dogs together. They are so different yet they are perfect pals.