Saturday, October 7, 2017

Good Neighbors Good Treats For Dogs

Most dog lovers make good neighbors, a treat in and of itself.

Indy Dog Treats for Valentino
My dog Valentino and I are fortunate to live in a neighborhood where great neighbors, dog lovers, and dog pals are plentiful. We consider it a treat to live in such a dog-friendly community.

But of course, not a thing pleases Valentino more than a package of dog treats left on our front porch just for him!

Occasionally I will open the front door and there on the porch is a treat for my dog from a neighborly dog lover. This week the package included a note: "Ruth- Snacks for Valentino. Indy doesn't like these."

Good Neighbor Dog Indy
I assured my good neighbor that my dog Valentino enjoyed the Cesar dog dinners that her dog Indy did not like.

Valentino had one of the meals as a stand alone snack. He ate the rest of them mixed in with his dry food each day until gone.

There are times when dog treats left on the porch for Valentino are bittersweet gifts. That was the case when I found a bag of Beggin' Strips and a container of Grain Free Jerky on the porch.

Valentino Loves His Dog Treats from Albus

I knew instantly they were from my neighbors next door. Their dog Albus was accidentally killed by a hit and run driver the day before.

Valentino misses his dog park pal. And I miss the handsome face of Albus greeting me on a daily basis.

Each time I give Valentino one of these treats I say, "Thank you, Albus." While Valentino enjoys his treats, I recall that sad moment when our friends lost their dog.

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